Go-getting business ready to deliver anything to Hatfield customers

19th January 2019

A start-up that promises to fetch and deliver anything to your doorstep – within the law, that is – is opening up in Hatfield.

GoGetters is a courier service that will nip to the shops for you to resolve every problem from a fast food craving to a remote control that needs new batteries.

The business was born when two hard-up students, Owen Barrow and Lee Nicolau, needed some extra cash.

They made a Facebook post saying “what can I get you?” offering to run errands for friends and family.

That wheeze turned a pretty penny, and soon expanded into a whole business with a fleet of bikes serving Cheshunt, Harlow and Sawbridgeworth all aiming to turn jobs around within half an hour.

Now 21-year-old Owen, who is now the main partner at GoGetters, is looking to expand to Hatfield to catch the student market. While there are many delivery services from Amazon to Ocado to JustEat, Owen explains that GoGetters will fetch and carry almost anything you can name even from smaller local businesses and addresses.

In the two years they’ve been running, GoGetters have delivered everything from a box of live crickets to a child’s forgotten homework.

They’ve also saved quite a few big nights out, too.

One woman had arrived at a bar but had forgotten her ID. “She ordered a GoGetters driver to collect her ID from her home and deliver it to her, which then enabled her to go ahead with her evening,” said Owen.

One style-conscious customer picked out an entire outfit from a high street shop, gave the GoGetters driver her size, and asked him to head there and fetch it for her in time for a major shindig that weekend.

However, most orders are for more mundane food deliveries – they have arrangements with a lot of local restaurants – and for your standard there’s-no-milk emergencies.

The company has a firm policy of only working with restaurants with a three-star hygiene rating and above, and are careful to make sure restaurants strictly follow customers’ allergy-related notes.

“It has to be that way,” said Owen. “Someone might get sick, so it’s not a joke. It’s our reputation as well.”

GoGetters will launch in Hatfield on Monday, and are hoping the student population will want to use their services – and possibly drive for them, too.

“Because I’ve been a student I know what it’s like,” said Owen, remembering when he was looking to casual work. “And it’s a really fun job.”

Later, the go-getting entrepreneur hopes to expand to Stevenage as well.